Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday brunch...

I finally woke up at 11am this morning after a long night of much needed sleep. While enjoying a cup of coffee with Brad, I had the urge to make something special for breakfast. Being that it was already after 11am, I decided it should be a brunch appropriate meal. The decision was an easy one: eggs benedict. So, I hopped on my bicycle and rode to the grocery store.

My mom used to make eggs benedict on Sunday mornings every once in a while. Her hollandaise sauce was always so creamy and flavorful and soaked in perfectly to the toasted english muffins along with the egg yolks. The canadian bacon sandwiched between the bread and egg added just the right amount of salty flavor to round out the meal. This was my first attempt at making my own eggs benedict and I made a couple of small changes. Rather than using english muffins, I used fresh baked white bread from a bakery down the street. In place of Canadian bacon I used smoked salmon. Lastly, I added a side of sauteed asparagus.

For the recipe for the hollandaise sauce, click here.

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