Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Country for Cupcakes!

All I want is a cupcake! A chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. Or maybe white frosting. I'll take anything!

Sadly, cupcakes are a rarity in Japan. Not only because I don't own an oven and therefore cannot bake my own, but also because I never see cupcakes being sold anywhere. Has no one in this country discovered the simple deliciousness that comes from these teeny tiny cakes? This is how I felt until I found something wonderous and beautiful...

A bakery by the name of Nottinghill Cakes & Gifts set up a small stand in the shopping area down the street from our apartment. The moment I walked by and saw the gorgeous cupcakes under the glass counter, I had to have one. I bought two: Mont Blanc and Chocoholic (because that's what I am) and carefully carried the lovely treats home, trying very hard not to ruin the deliciously presented frosting.

I made it through the door and let out a sigh of relief when all of the sudden, without warning, the box containing the chocolatey gems bumped the wall. The Mont Blanc frosting was toast. It slid right off the cupcake and stuck to the side of the box. Fortunately, that was the one and only casualty. The Chocoholic stayed completely intact. Whew!

The cupcakes have been eaten and enjoyed. They were a wonderful treat! Thanks, Nottinghill Cakes!


white on rice couple said...

You'd think the Japanese would be all over something so cute and little as a cupcake. I think the wall was jealous and attacked the cupcakes! At least you found a tasty nearby bakery. Happy deliciousness. Todd.

Rachael said...

I think you are probably right- how could the wall not have been jealous? Most of the baked goods I find here are tiny, dry, and nothing like a good ole homemade cupcake. Thanks for the comment!