Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple Sardines

It's incredible how many different foods I haven't tried. Some things are understandable. For example, it's really difficult to find sea urchin (uni in Japanese) in the middle of Minnesota. Sushi (well, good sushi) in general is difficult to find in Minnesota. I am not blaming Minnesota. Minnesota, it is not your fault and I still love you even with your lack of sushi.

There are some things that most people have tried-and love-that I have not touched. Sardines, until recently, was one of those things. Even Brad was a little unsure...

When I go grocery shopping in Tokyo, I see these tiny, silvery fish presented in a hard to resist way. They are so small it almost seems unlikely that they are edible, or worth eating. I have walked past them many times, all the while thinking, "Someday, I want to try those little guys."

Well, I finally tried them. I just threw them in my grocery basket and said to myself (I say things to myself a lot lately. Don't be alarmed, it is just indicative of the huge amounts of free time I have to spend with myself at the moment while Brad is at work.) So anyway...I said to myself, "I'm going to be daring in the most undaring way and give these sardines a spin in the ole fish oven!" Yes. That's about how it went.

Drizzled a little olive oil. Sprinkled some salt and pepper. Broiled for about 5 minutes. Served with a side of Japanese mayonnaise. Eaten in one little bite. Pretty good. Not my favorite food, but I see why people like them. They must not have been too shabby because we finished them all...


Ravenous Couple said...

talk about curiosity! ours are peaked way high on this..fantastic presentation with the way you tie them together.

Rachael said...

Ravenous Couple: Thanks for the note! Truth time: I bought them tied together that way. I wish I could take the credit! That's part of the reason they looked so appealing in the grocery store! Thanks for stopping by- I've certainly enjoyed your site!

Anonymous said...

Dear Racael!
Greetings and a big thank!
The reason I asked you is that Wordpress and Internet Explorers users like me cannot leave messages on othe boxes!
This said, may I compliment you on your blog?LOL
The old geezer, after all these year, has only 3 cringes in Japanese food: mentaiko/chili cod roe, shiokara/salted fish pickles and tororojiru/taro roots "soup".
On the other hand I love shirako!
In spite of my being French I can't stand fresh milk!
Now you will have to put up with me!LOL
Take good care and my regards to hubby!

J. Fishler said...

I loved that post. Not only because it was well - and charmingly - written, but because it reminded me of Daddy. Did you know your grandpa loved sardines?
Thanks, honey; you tempted my taste buds - and made me remember...
Keep writing!
Love you,
Aunt J in Hendersonville

Rachael said...

Shizuoka: Thanks for the note! Now I understand the reason you needed me to change my comment box. Of course, now that I will be using wordpress soon, I guess it doesn't make too much of a difference. Oh well! Glad to have a fellow gaijin reading my blog!

Aunt J: Thank you for your sweet words. You consistently remind me of why I love writing these posts and cooking food- lots of fond memories come from time spent in the kitchen and/or sharing a meal with loved ones. I love you!

Gabi said...

That's pure art! Doesn't have to taste good - lol.

What's wrong with Minnesota after all?

Great blog - great I found you via foodbuzz -

Gabi @