Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pizza Party (Japanese-style)

Last night, we had a few friends over to see our new apartment. Our things were all unpacked, I just bought new curtains at Nitori (a store similar to IKEA), and we were prepared to present our new home. When we decided to have a group over in the middle of the week, it seemed appropriate to make everything as simple and relaxing as possible. The clear solution was something we had not turned to in Japan as a dinner option, but coupled with some Mario Kart action on our Nintendo Wii, it seemed more than perfect...we ordered pizza from Domino's! Let me rephrase that...BRAD ordered, I video taped him ordering (in Japanese, no less.) If you would like to see the video of the hilarious experience, click here.

Japan has the uncanny ability to take something completely traditional and bring it to an unexpected, sometimes scary, new level. Pizza is no exception. We ordered three pizzas to get a variety of experiences. The first pizza we ordered was the "American Special", which was a typical pepperoni pizza with sauce and cheese. Then, we went for it. The "Chicki-Teri" pizza (or chicken teriyaki) was loaded with mushrooms, chicken, pizza sauce, cheese, and a sauce that resembles mayonnaise, but might have a little hint of mustard in it drizzled over the top...I'm still not really sure what it is, but it's tasty!

Finally, we ordered the "Quattro Giant" pizza (pronounced quattro giant-o). This pizza was a combination of 4 different types of pizza. I have no idea what any of them were, with the exception of the chicki-teri section.

After enjoying our pizza slices with some red wine, we played Mario Kart for about an hour. It's truly amazing how something that was so completely entertaining and fulfilling during my elementary and middle school years is still just as enjoyable today. I was thinking last night about the time I used to spend with my friends on a Friday night, eating pizza, talking and playing video games. Now that I think about it, that makes us sound pretty lazy... In any case, it's nice to have friends, even in my 20's, who are not afraid to continue living and reliving childhood moments like we did last night. I think some people become too serious. If nothing else, Nintendo keeps us playful!

Brad clearly enjoyed his pizza...

Conclusion- if you come to Japan, you have to try at least one crazy pizza. Maybe one with potatoes or eggplant...they're all delicious as far as I can tell!

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