Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bakeries? In Tokyo? YES!

Before we moved to Japan, I thought for sure that I would have a difficult time finding a good bakery. If there were any bakeries, I thought to myself, everything would probably be dry and not worth buying. Boy was I wrong! I have come across some lovely bakeries in Tokyo and their baked goods are delicious! The only downside is that they are much too expensive.

We stopped by Andersen's Bakery on Aoyama dori in Omote-sando a couple of weeks ago after going to church. Brad took some beautiful photos of what they had to offer while I perused the selection of breads and pastries.

The bakeries in Japan carry loads of bread, doughnuts, croissants...but not cupcakes. Sigh. Since my experience with Nottinghill Cakes, I have yet to find another big beautiful cupcake in Tokyo. It's probably just as's not like I need them. Better stick to eating the plethora of healthier items Japan has to offer, right?

Anyway, Andersen's Bakery is one of our new favorite bakeries. The presentation and quality of their bread is tremendous and a nice treat when you want something a few steps above the typical loaf of sliced bread.

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Kaylyn said...

Everything there looks so GOOD and some of it interesting....hmmm..I loved the sardine post!
So glad you are getting such wonderful cooking experiences there! You are going to have to teach me how to make pad thai for alec when you guys get back. He would LOVE it and I have been too scared to try it. But I will try your recipe, it looks great!